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Резюме обновлено 27 августа 2022

Разнорабочий в Братиславе

ищу работу в Братиславе, 700 €
Visa Svit 36 лет, Киев, Украина, среднее образование

Без опыта работы

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Good afternoon, colleagues.

We are an immigration agency, our main office is located in Kyiv and branches in different European countries. We have been engaged in employment, visa and migration services since 2002, we have a large customer base.
We are looking for reliable partners in the EU countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and other countries for the employment of foreigners from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
We are interested in work contracts and documents for obtaining a work visa in the countries of residence of the applicants.
Our corporation is ready to send 50-100 or more handymen and specialists to your enterprises regularly, every month.
If you are interested in such long-term cooperation, please send offers to our electronic address or our messengers (indicated in the signature below).
Thank in advance.

General Director,
Viktor Ivanov

Visa support centre "VISA-SVIT"
Working since 2002
Tel/Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram +380 67 781 55 55 +380 50 39 88 555 +380 93 789 55 55
Tel. Offices +38 044 592 88 77 (Ukraine) / +48 585 859 588 (Poland) / +33 766 124 069 (France)

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