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AG Slovexport, S.R.O.

Представитель компании
Galushka Aleksandrруководитель
Адрес компании
Liptovsky Mikulas. Stodolova 1877/3
Bratislava . Kopcianska 63
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Деятельность компании

Словацкая компания производит и продает древесный уголь из пиникея, уголь находится на складе в Братиславе. Упакован в картонные коробки по 10 кг.

Our company AG Slovexport s. r. o is located in Slovakia, we have been manufacturing and selling BBQ charcoal briquette, we produce it by burning in special furnaces briquettes Pini Kay, so our charcoal briquette is made entirely from biological raw material and did not contain adhesives.
Our company is now a full cycle of waste we recycle themselves in pinikey hardwood briquettes, then at our facilities produce charcoal briquettes, pack it and deliver it to our warehouse. Our BBQ charcoal briquette have a consistently high quality

The quality of our products is guaranteed by advanced technologies and strict system of internal control.
Working with us you can be sure that not paying middlemen and get a quality product directly from the manufacturer.

We offer for sale BBQ charcoal briquette of 1 tonne or more, the maximum we can offer 100 tons a month. All the products are packed in 10 kilogram boxes at your request to pack the box with your logo on all questions to address in the email
We offer a flexible discount system.

Shipment is made from a warehouse in Bratislava.

Компания образована в 2012 году, численность 11 чел.
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