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Rašelina na huby

Rašelina na huby
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Our company "Fellow of champignons" produces and sells peat soil (peat cover) for champignons for more than 10 years.

Peat is mined at a field in an environmentally friendly region in western Ukraine.

The quality of our products is high and stable (the same peat is used). Organized quality control system, which provides for the measurement of quality parameters.

The average yield per ton is more than 32%

First of all, the absence of quarantine pathogens and nematodes is achieved by removing the top layer of peat (30-40 cm).

This organization of the technological cycle allows the production of ecologically clean casing soil without pathogenic organisms. It does not need to be treated with chemicals. Therefore, it is possible to grow champignons that fully meet the requirements of organic farming.

As the calculations of the cost of large enterprises for growing mushrooms show, the cost of the casing layer is only 5% of the cost of the mushroom.

Therefore, the quality of the peat soil is decisive, which allows for high yields on a consistent basis.

The use of such high-quality peat soil ultimately allows you to get a profit that is tens of times higher than the possible minor additional costs for the purchase of high-quality casing soil in comparison with lower-quality peat soil.

For deoxidation of peat, deficate is used, which achieves a lumpy structure. Peat absorbs water well, does not become polluted when irrigated.

We have partners in Ukraine and abroad. But having the opportunity to increase the volume of our products, we are looking for new partners.

We guarantee delivery of high-quality cover soil on a constant basis. We work all year round.

Delivery is carried out according to the schedule without delay.

Our company is one of the largest in Ukraine. Many Ukrainian companies, such as Eco Food West, Rio-Champignon and others, prefer to use our product because they consistently get the highest yield of mushrooms, dripping cover soil.

Packing: big-bag, bags on 20 kg or other packing at your choice.

We will make our prices competitive for you!

We hope for fruitful cooperation!

Our contacts: Private enterprise "Fellow of champignons"

Ukraine, Rivne

(viber, WhatsApp);

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Rašelina na huby
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