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Honey Creamer- Cutter CUT

Honey Creamer- Cutter CUT
Honey Creamer- Cutter CUT - photo 1
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Our company offers honey creaming equipment in a new design with gravity mixing. The main advantage of the machinery - cream honey in 4 hours!

A characteristic feature of the new series of honey creamers is gravity mixing, which is 20-25% more efficient than conventional mixing!

Technical characteristics:

Geometric volume, l : 300
One honey batch load - 450 kg.
Installed power, kW: 12,1
Material : AISI 304
Height, mm: 1374
Width, mm: 1574
Length, mm: 1107
Weight, kg: 370

The inclined design also makes it easier to unload the product after processing, because the centrifugal force and gravity force !!

Based on our many years of experience in the production of honey creaming equipment, our experts have developed equipment that uses creaming technology - the method of mechanical grinding - with strong cutter knives.

Design features:

It is an atmospheric vessel on a supporting structure with an inclined inclination with two jackets / for heating and cooling a «duplicator» (bottom and walls), which are interconnected.

The vessel is equipped with a special frame stirrer with Teflon scrapers, gravity mixing method with electric drive, cutter knives with electric drive and control. By using cutter knives during processing in this device, you can achieve very light cream honey, which is due to the small size of the newly formed crystals in the creaming process.

The cover of the unit is made of transparent food fireproof material (1/3 of the lid), which is equipped with a grid for safe loading of the product, as well as a "open cover" sensor that stops the rotation of the mixer and cutter knives when opened during unit operation.

Refrigerant is fed to the bottom "duplicator" with a maximum pressure of 0.5 bar. The "duplicator" is designed so that the refrigerant can circulate.

As additional options we offer:
• closed heating system,
• heat generators,
• refrigeration units,
• IBC containers with thermal insulation
• control via PLC panel

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