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Resume from 2 August 2022

Network engineer in Bratislava

I am looking for a job in Bratislava, €1,800, full time
Oleksandr Chudak
Oleksandr Chudak 32 years old, Bratislava, higher education

Work experience

IT Network Administrator
12 mo. Aug 2021 - Jul 2022
LLO "Carsharing Russia" , Moscow, Russia
12 mo. Aug 2021 - Jul 2022
Administration of all network infrastracture of the holding based on vendors
Cisco, MikroTik, HP, Aruba.
Administration of active network devices (routers, switches, access points).
Confguring SD-WAN routers through the vManage management tool (adding
device, creating new template...).
Confguring core switches (authentication via radius server, etherchannel, vlan,
trunk, stp, acl...), access switches (authentication via radius server, port vlan
Confguring FTD Firewall through the FMC management tool (creating rules). In
case of a problem with web access, troubleshooting through the console.
Confguring the Cisco ISE access control platform. Adding new devices,
creating new and editing current rules for employee authorization (domain
account, PC belongs to the domain, the account is a member of a specifc
Creation of VPN-tunnels of different architecture.
Static and dynamic (OSPF) routing, announcing only summary routes. There
are two providers in an offce, announcing default route with different distance.
Confguring QoS.
Correct use of logical addressing (variable length mask).
Administation Wi-Fi network, confguring devices and controllers (Cisco WLC,
Confguring monitoring systems (Zabbix, Grafana).
Troubleshooting in real time through the use of packets sniffer (tcp dump).
Ensuring the smooth functioning of the holding's IT infrastructure (24/7
service), as well as troubleshooting its operation at the network level.
Organization and control of backup of the network IT-infrastructure of the
holding. Writing instructions, development of network operation schemes.
IT Network Administrator
2 years 9 mo. Nov 2018 - Jul 2021
Bookmaker’s offce "BetBoom", Moscow, Russia
2 years 9 mo. Nov 2018 - Jul 2021
Administration of all network infrastructure of the company and branches
based on vendors MikroTik, HPE.
Administration of active network devices (routers, switches, access points,
video cameras). Creation of redundant VPN-tunnels of different architecture for
fault tolerance. Create only static peer’s IPSec.
Creation of ACL according to different criteria (by departments, by projects, by
ports...) Static and dynamic (OSPF) routing, creation of recursive routes, traffc
bypass from RKN ban. Choosing the optimal/desired route. Locations with two
providers confgure packet movement according to the following principle:
which provider the package came to, the answer will be returned through the
same one.
Preference to use the correct confgure to reduce device CPU performance
(instead of masquerade
IT System Administrator
3 years Dec 2015 - Nov 2018
Bookmaker’s offce "ZenitBet" , Moscow, Russia
3 years Dec 2015 - Nov 2018
Maintenance and support of the main offce network infrastructure, in particular
servers based on OS Linux and Windows. Internet access control via iptables,
creating new and editing current rules. Creating accounts for new employees in
the Active Directory, confguring group policies. Technical support of the frst
and second layers. Performing the necessary installation work to prepare a new
workplace for an employee. Creating your own build Windows. Testnet
deployment based on virtualization VMware ESXI and Microsoft Hyper-V
IT System Administrator
1 year 7 mo. Jun 2014 - Dec 2015
LLO "Finist", Moscow, Russia
1 year 7 mo. Jun 2014 - Dec 2015
Technical support for frst and second layer users. Initial preparation work
station (install the OS, input to the domain, install the software). Maintaining the
health of current network infrastructure (servers based on Windows Server
2008 R2 OS). Creation accounts in the Active Directory, email in Microsoft
Exchange, confguring telephony (confguring connection between clients
telephone Grandstream and server SIP). Maintance server DHCP (exception
and reservation IP, reload address pool, detection conficts). Maintance frewall
Kerio Control (creation rules to flter incoming and outgoing traffc).
System administrator assistant
10 mo. Sep 2013 - Jun 2014
LLO "Target Management" , Moscow, Russia
10 mo. Sep 2013 - Jun 2014
Technical support for frst and second level users. Workplace organization
according to the requirements of the client. Implementation of installation work
(cabling, creation of network outlets and patch panels, switch rack assembly).
Network health support (administration and confguring of the link layer of the
model OSI), switch confguration. Implementation of hierarchical IP-addressing.
Troubleshooting LAN. Basic administration of Windows Server 2012 OS, creation new and support existing Active Directory users, assignment of access
rights. Users support in the IDECO-ICS. OS line installation, software and
necessary utilities. User consultation on hardware and software
1 year 6 mo. Mar 2012 - Aug 2013
Privat Joint Stock Company "Poligon" , Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
1 year 6 mo. Mar 2012 - Aug 2013
Laying a subscriber communication line (twisted pair) from switch to the
subscriber PC for technology FTTB.
Confgure network card, using command line, re-crimp on spare cores, ability to
create a bug ( network card health check), and the ability to increase the length
of the segment up to 200 meters with FastEthernet technology.

Higher education

Kryvyi Rih National University, Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Computer systems and networks
4 years 10 mo. Sep 2008 - Jun 2013


Ukrainian - fluent, Russian - fluent, English - basic, Slovak - basic

Additional information

I have “odidenec” for work. Red diploma. Confident knowledge of Windows and Linux OS, virtualization products (VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V). Equivalent to the CCNA Routing&Switching/CCNP courses knowledge. Communication line laying skills (twisted pair), ability to crimp the cable and create the bund (network card health check).

Resume number: 918
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